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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and berks along the line. >> nor breaking news we got update on amber alert. fbi has now joined police in three states and their search for delaware toddler taken by her father after a domestic dispute. >> eyewitness reporter joins us at newcastle with the latest on that search. jan, good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning, this suspect should be considered armed and daenk russ. he went to his exgirlfriend's house, beat her up and took off with their little girl. they believe she's in imminent daiching they are morning and they need help locating bop of them. take a look at this picture. this are amber alerts in delaware, new jersey, ohio they all listed them in this case and as you mptioned erika is assisting as well. last night before 7:00, 43-year-old michael trotta wept to his exgirlfriend's home in school side apartments east
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basin road. he fled with their daughter 3-year-old elinor trotta. at first they thought he fled in gray mazda. he could be traveling with unknown woman in older model bright red ford. suv. possibly explorer. and they add his last known whereabouts are in mount laurel, new jersey, trotta is 5' 8", 150 pounds. his daughter eleanor is last seen wearing purple puffy coat. pink pants and froze ep, the movie, shoes. reporting live in delaware this morning. jane. >> firefighters battle a fire in south jersey overnight at 'roma around 11:30 300 block of back
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creek road in sweedz borough. authorities say they had to fight fire with water brought in from neighboring township. >> we have a top of task forces and closest hydrant is harrison high drand. >> once they were able to retrieve the water it started in the back of the house. >> philadelphia police are investigating what led to stabbing at dave and busters on penn's landing. authorities have not released many details. we know one person was stabbed in the game room around 11:30 last night. that person was taken to hahnemann who hospital for traffic. >> ukee, this is turning into month for record books in terms of cold air we had to deal with for so many days of the month of february 2015. how do we stack up? well it's actually at this point anyway fifth coldest february
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ever since records began with monthly department tour departure of 9.degrees now that does not sound look a lot of degrees but that's huge when you talk averaged that's a very, very big departure. you can understand why we would be potentially in the record books. i think walking out in door in recent weeks may be indication too right? as you go to neighborhood live network overlooking beautiful clear sky, no worries in terms of visibility. sun fwlair will get you. 5 the current temperature. they're at least into subzero territory in most locations and the one that always tends to stand out like sore thumb, you have wind chill advisories posted it's mount pocono. feeling almost 30 below zero, bundle up. sdiing being looking good. you need to be adequately prepared. meanwhile philly, 24 at beast
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and 25 below the average. >> oh, map walking out the front door this morning is brutal, katie, 6:03 deal with quite a bit of incidents. building fire in kepdzing ton on front street at sdu fin and york. so you want to take second or third to get around that for the time being. it's affecting a lot around the area additionally market frankford line shuttling there's no svdz. >> use caution 90 eastbound 130 open and off ramps closed use un don't to get open that for the time being as well. >> water maip break on call kill eastbound and also be careful around the area due to residual water in the area and may cause slippery companies.
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>> an on. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused the tanker truck to crash and catch fire. >> >>. >> reporter: this explosive image could be seen for miles clouding the sigh over pensauken energy sglnl when i looked up i saw tires in the air on fire. >> a tanker truck carrying 8,000 gal opens of gasoline exploded and own turneded 90 to 130 northbound sending gasoline flowing into a basement in homes. >> once i saw it it was like wow. >> her houses would have about among 30. >> my family is safe and house is replaceable. >> aggressive fire tactics by 150 firefighters and use of home
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helped top stifle the burning gasoline. >> the phone we use is utilizeded to basically exhaust a fire by suffocating it and cooling it down. it sits on top of the gasoline. does not mix with it. >> unrecognizable remnants of tanker were removed from the scene and cleanup lasted well into the nightch the smell of fumes permeates nearby homes. >> when i first came in the house i was like it smelled like strong oil smell rubber, it's starting to go around way now. >> you are asked to call 911 if it is too much. despite the firey crash. truck driver and firefighter hurt on the scene. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> happening today until energy governor chris christie will deliver his budget address less than 24 hours after a judge reversed decision to cut state
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pension payments. cuts totals more than 11.5 million. >> it was a victory. he made the decision in effort to balance the budget. >> feepers and other school employees filled a trenton school board meeting last night. they delivered a passionate plea rallying against proposed budget cuts that would see 50 positions eliminatesed. that number would include teachers secretary and suggest owed yaps. district anticipates a. >> we're here to voice opinions and let them know. this is not right. we cannot do this to them. >> i know we all licensed tonight and we will take back much of what was said.
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>> district will learn how much funding we'll receive from the state on march 23. >> veterans affair secretary robert madz says he's sorry for misrepresenting his military service. >> really, army, navy, air force. >> army. >> what unit. >> special forces. >> what years i was in special forces. >> that's mcdonald making a claim to the homeless veteran last month. he is army veteran but he never served with special forces. after he poll jis the for the mistake president obama said he does not aif he the slipup to affect mack zoneald's work -- mcdonald's's work. >> and why the weather is to blame coming up. >> massive mana tee rescue in
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florida got stuck in a storm drape >> and waking upto to another bitter blast this morning. some areas have broken records. katie has your forecast coming up next. we'll be right back discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> updating breaking news rights no, i huge fire under l in west kensington this broke out 5:00 this morning near the york dolphin l station and reached two alarms now. septa market frankford line is shuttle bussing between hunting ton and berks stations just in case all of you commuting out there are wonder what is going on. there you have it. no reports thank goodness of injuries. >> and newcastle county police extended amber alert for
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3-year-old eleanor trotta to three states. officers say the little girl was taken by her father michael trotta last night after a domestic dispute. police say trotta was seen in mount laurel new jersey in red suv possibly older ford explorer. if you have any information please contact the police right away. >> and happening today demolition crews will get back to work tearing down the building known as ice house in west philadelphia. and before it caught fire last week that building housed gr's office at 5 and locust. but it became encased when firefighters tried to put out flames in subzero temperatures. >> if frigid temperatures were not enough to deal with only some people are tasting the effects. >> crum creek water treatment plant. customers say there's a salty taste in the water. aqua says it's from road salt runoff. it should pass in the system in the next day or two.
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still, last thing you want in your water is road salt. >> let's check in with katie on the roads. cold out there. >> absolutely. make sure you bundle up when you walk out the door. if anything had a chance to freeze over from fact we had snow melt even from a couple days ago it still has not had a chance to melt away yet and/or at least evaporate because temperatures are so slow. we have the sunrise right. there's a disturbance off to the south that stays south. few light snow showers creeping in across the great lakes. those are two pieces of energy that affect us but not directly. you'll see in the 7 day. for now mostly sunny. bitterly cold again. and we won't see much in the way of wind thankfully. it's closer to what you see what you get thermometer. mostly cloudy skies tonight. sov of you may see quick nrury north of city you have to travel far north to find it it may be out there. meanwhile look ago head tomorrow
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sun as well. and this will be one of the warmest days of next four at 36. 10 below average. stuck back in the bitter cold again thursday and friday. we start to eedz up once again though it looks like this weekend. jess over to you. >> thank you katie. good morning everyone, 6:14 kensington with he have a building fire front and dauphin. take front to get by that. ait's affecting market frankford lines. right around that area no service and shuttling passengers running from huntingdon to berks for the time being weep keep you updated open that, 30 bypass around business route 30 over turned vehicle in westbound lanes and you can see they have road flares over they and push into left hand line lane m part of the next lane over everybody single files we don't have traffic like that going in -- you want to take bell vor road
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to get on by. ukee back to you. >> free money. that gets your attention. >> yes. >> coming up, free money app that really wororks. >> lass head dr. jen here to. >> sometimes it takes long to see your dr. while you're in the waiting room and best time of ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
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>> eyewitness news reporter arrived on the scene. what you have learned so far good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, just got here a few moments ago. what we're looking at now is impressive effort by the philadelphia fire department in knocking down this fire. you're looking now at heavy smoke situation here. that smoke is billowing towards septa station just a few feet away. we know that septa service is impacted there and just right now we're looking at flames jump from back end of that building. let's take you to chopper 3 for a better look at that advantage points. this happened in the past few moments orange glow popping up from the back of the building where we first arrived here. there was lots of heavy smoke. we're told the fire broke out just after 5. >> we're having audio troubles now with justin but again
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looking live at the scene where the fire broke out. again this is market frankford line affected. >> impressive effort by firefighters in crow's nest tackling fire from up top and on the ground. jeff will stay out there and we hope to get back to him there a few moments. elevator line affected in that area. we'll have more information on air and on-line at cbs jp
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>> time 6:21. looks like we're checking
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traffic and warm together. it's february cld big time. >> absolutely. we start things off with a quick check on storm track 3. we look forward in the forecast. temperatures into the 20s here despite sunshine. we look ahead to wednesday, 36 expected high. not as harsh but back to the bitter chill thursday and friday. 26 degrees apiece and look ago head to the weekend it eases up a little bit. jess over to you. >> thank you katie. serious, serious fire in kensington. front at dauphin street and yorkment for the time being you want to take second or third to get on by. there's massive cleanup involved in that fire department on the scene. police department on the scene as well. additionally it's affecting septa market frankford line. right around the area no service shuts are now bussing passenger from huntding ton to berks for the time being. plan your trip app accordingly around that if you head out open
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the area. 30 bypass, over turned vehicle here. you can see blocking off that left hand shoulder part of next lane over. police activity on the scene and everyone squeezing by i headed westbound on 30 bypass. there's another building thomas road and graivr's road. >> thank you very much. >> you ever want to crack the code when it comes from doctor's office to getting last minute appointment to possible reason behind the wait time and sitting area. >> there are steps to get the most of owe ut your visit. family physician jennifer caldwell comes to spill some of the doctor secret stuff. >> this con a frustrating all my fellow colleagues ever been lights we're often late.
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it can be frustrating. i get frustrated with my own doctors running late. there's some reasons why we run late. sometimes we have to obtain lab records with a patient is right there. sometimes we have to get a doctor open the phone when a patient is in the office or be seven medical stounts and residents in my office. sometimes we run behind because we're also teaching. keep that in mind. >> cut down on waiting time when should you make appointment and what's key to getting last minute. >> if you come to my office you want to see me or anyone like me you better catch me first thing in the morning. tlus. >> other request times are begin tipping of new block. right after lunch. origining of evening sessionment we're fresh and rt starting open time. keep in mind a lot of doctor
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avss will old a certain number every day. >> after kimz. >> let's talk to productive visits. should i make a list of things i want to ask and make sure you don't miss anything. >> yes, make a list. but in your list has 20 things on it i promise you we won't get it to it in 15 minute office visits. make the list but it's important you and your dr. -- we should talk about those firstch the other things write down your lepingth of questions how long have you do that. >> sure. >> right. >> i heard this the little green pill or orange pill. >> not knowing name. >> know names and doses of medications make a list. >> okay. >> make sure you know what
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you're supposed to do after you leave your appointment and remember we're you're dprz and supposed to know everything. if you're have side if he eekt . alwaysen honest. so often i hear people lie to the doctor. you're in the getting a grade. >> we make decisions partially on what you tell us and what you don't see. sometimes we cannot make the best decision for you. please tell us pretendp we're your therapist sort of. >> sure. >> >>. >> thank you sgloch still ahead this morning following breaking news stories. a fire in west kensington impacking l service. live open the scene and bringing you an update after the short break. dann. >> we're following amber alert that is now spanned 3 states. delaware new jersey and ohio. and also involved the fbi.
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i'm jan live in newcastle this morning full update straight ahead. >> thanks 19. >> a cold winter morning. katie has the forecasts. we do traffic and weather together we're back at the bottom of the hour see you in a i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and it was a real easy switch to make.
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>> good morning, everyone thank you for joining us. a fire is sweeping through a building in philadelphia west kensington neighborhood. >> that fire is having an impact on the market frankford line. justin arrived at the scene. let's get the latest now, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika good morning n. daylight we have a better light at what the fire fighters are fighting here. look at all the smoke billowing out of the building 2332 north broad street. look flames are jumping out of there as well. we saw that a few moments ago. flare-ups are happening left and rights and appear in the back of the building. not much left inside at this point. those flames strong in middle of building here. fire brokeing out 5:00 this morning we're told on the second floor. that the second alarm was struck at 5:2 this morning. one of the big struggles here on
6:31 am
the ground not only the weather but a lack of water. we're told there's high drabt issues at several nearby high drapts. here on the ground we have seen hoses snaked to several corners nearby some not so close here on the ground here to several engines on the ground here. we're seeing ladders and one cherry picker with hoses aimed at center of building. not sure if you can see here now but the flames picked up in the last couple seconds here. all this smoke impacting nearby septa l line. we're told the trains that usually stop here at the line will bypass that and keep going to next stop. here on the ground, shoveling passengers to the next stop. if you tlavl area front street and west epz didings ton keep an eye out for this this no doubt ties up the commute. the smoke is getting darker and flames stronger here. firefighters in for a big fight this morning in trying to knock
6:32 am
down this fire. we're told this might be a shoe store or something of that nature. we're hearing at this point there are no reports of any injuries here. of any pedestrian or anyone in that building. firefighters appear to be okay here open the ground they have this intersection tied up here and blocked several streets in this area. if you're driving in this area it may be very difficult to aget around. back here open the ground this has been a really, really difficult fight as you can see it's the baingt few second here the flames gotten stronger hurricane irene and but hurricane irene and butting much water. so this will be the name of the game the next self. >> we're seeing flickering hitting nearby buildings and falling open the ground here.
6:33 am
just a really, really big effort to prevent this fire from getting biren and perhaps hitting other nearby buildings and perhaps the train station just a few feet away. a short distance what all this happening at the base of the building here and billowing fire far out west during the train station here. ukee just a big fire in west kopzing ton and we'll bring here as they. >> here live in west kensington. justin fitch. >> i would not be sfpd it goes to another alarm. thank you. we'll get back to you. >> breaking news right now. police trying to track done a delaware father that snatched his daughter if her home prompting authorities to issue an amber alert. >> investigators say he should be considered armed and dangerous. eyewitness news reporter jan joins us from headquarters to tell us more about this.
6:34 am
jan, good morning. >> ukee, erika good morning police say last known whereabouts are in area of mount laurel new jersey. we want you to help track these two down. delaware agent. >> michael trotta wept to his exgirlfriend's home and he assaulted this woman and then fled with their daughter 3-year-old elinor trotta. at first the police is thought the suspect fled scene me green mazda that car was found this morning and trots acould be traveling with an unknown woman in allegeder model right red suv possibly trotta is 5 pot take a
6:35 am
good look that picture. pink pants and frozen sneakers. fropzen the poofy. police again believe the suspect could be moving to new jersey on the way to new york city. if you have information you're asked to call 911. reporting live in newcastle. jap carabae eyewitness news. >> thank you. it's 6:35 let's get traffic and weather together. >> things are chilly out there and clear. we don't have to worry about stormy warm here today. but sun will not did much to warm you up. it's quiet and will stay that way today with arctic dome. right, sunny start to day. technically not over the horizon. you can see the light of the day brightening things out. even though it's 6 degrees definitely mount pocono stands out at below.
6:36 am
this cold folks should be 36 and getting even close to freezing no less. debts spite sunshine 24 degrees. and we have fresh wuvt of cold coming your way tomorrow as well. >> yes, sir over to you. >> good morning, everybody, we have a lot of things going on roost now we'll start off in kepdzing ton where we have a pretty massive two-alarm fire at front street and dauphin street and work and take second or third to get on by. we have a lot of police activity, fire department on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way at least under control for the time being. it's also aekt ifing market frankford line. there will be no service there in the area and they'll be shuttle bussing passengers running huntington to berks. 30 bypass, we've been -- an incident cleared out around 30. you had an over turned vehicle now. route 30 westbound lanes cleaned
6:37 am
up so far. >> thank you so much. president obama introduce. >> contribution business applist joins us now to talk about potential changes and what you need to know. >> hi, joe, good morning. >> good morning. >> what are the new rules. >> okay. so this would require broke others to act in a customer's best interest. it's called fiduciary duty. and so it only apply to retirement investors and rule change is intended to crack down on what the dealt of labor is calling backdoor payments and hidden fees. the administration says these cost retirement goers 18 to 17 billion a year. >> just putting interest first that sound like common sense practically there's a problem. what is it. >> it's sort of like departmental slap down. s sec says that the labor
6:38 am
departments contention that the tree is played by conflict of interest have owe not been proven. fcc says these news rules effectively overhaul the entire regulatory regime. in 80 years of sec over. >> timely fcc basically argues department of labor should not be involved in this process at all it's like an inter departmental cat fight it will be put out for comment several months. if you need refresher on professionals and he's designations go to. >> well a rescued mission in florida saved members of endangered species. >> crews have or land owe got each of the manatees one by one
6:39 am
out of a storm drainage plant. those man tees were trying to reach warmer water when they got stuck and freeing them was no. >> there was probably 40 rescueers here tonight. >> all manatees released into a lagoon. great to hear they got all of them out. >> time 6:39 college is expensive. but there's free money available students. > hey. >> you just have to know where to find it. we'll show you when we come back. >> also time get fit and get blood punting. you do not want to see how. >> don't go anywhere coming up next. >> we'll be right back. >> you're
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>> >> good morning, everyone, updating breaking news here huge fire affecting l travel in west kensington this is near the york dauphin station. they're shutsling passenger as around this scream. that fire cop continues to burn. >> breaking this morning there's an amber alert in effect newcastle county, delaware, police say michael trotta took
6:43 am
daughter eleanor and was spotted in mount laurel, burlington county new jersey in red older model ford explorer. if you he michael or elinor call 911 j ramps around 90 and 130 were closed because of a tanker explosion. right now 6:4 3. let's check in with indicatesy and weather watchers good morning. >> we academic first and for most with a temperature alyssa round the region. generally we're starting to see a lot of you get into the positive territory here. it's so cold. we'll take you out and maybe it's easier for you to see in list format. eileen sent in -- well actually two separate temperature readings over last hour or two. generally below zero for her. >> five below in lahaska. the list goes on. couple goose eggs.
6:44 am
and you know we're starting to see more positive territory as you mention as we continue the list down there's a lot of observations to get through. still, substantially not below average but well below zero well below freezing. that said it's still cold nephew have to bundle up adequately. at least nice, bright sunlight out. there courtsey of dome of high pressure system south stays south and we start to see another cold front come aalong. even though we ease up the next batch of arctic cold comes in and right back into the 20s two more days. moreysing up as you look ahead for the weekend and we'll get you to mid 40s come monday. by that point a better shot to see rain. jess, we'll accepted it over to you. >> thank you katie. we have a massive two alarm fire in west kensington. front at due fip and york. that will be tying things up in the area for quite sometime. there's a lot of fire activity
6:45 am
on the scene and police activity open the scream trying to get it under control. seconds or third to gets on by for timing and additionally adirect market frankford line no service in that area and shuttle bussing passenger from huntingdon into berks. otherwise out on the schuylkill expressway you can see starting to see volume here 202 eastbound, westbound, still moving along long just okay though on 95 around cottman avenue just as predicted southbound lanes m jaing up headed to center city area. pensauken, new jersey, due to tanker fire that happened yesterday afternoon route 90 eastbound 130 on and off ramps closed. ukee back over to you. >> this week we're showing you our favorite ways to work out. but we're also putting each other to the test. >> oh, yeah, that's right. yesterday i showed you guys boot camp and body works. >> i felt that one. >> now it's my turn to get revenge i love the bar. lift tone and burn check it out.
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>> my workout is pure bar like ballet bar not the other kind. >> you're right combination of ballet, pill at hes and yoga and weight training we work each muscle group to fatigue and work it out to create long lien muscle. >> noel zane correct positions and makes them harder and then stretches them out. >> next on to sides. >> hang on top bar with right happened. >> sink to hips and pull in. for two, and three, back up. >> harder than it looks. >> oh, i feel that. >> yes? >> girlfriend. >> now really get ready to shake. >> do i feel it good gracious
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i'm crying, i'm crying. >> a little help from noel. >> four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> more stretching time to tone the tush and katie quickly develops a dislike for little red ball. >> and can't forget the other side. >> and stretch. >> got get long lien legs. >> hallelujah we're not done? >> last but not least abc. >> four, five, six.
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>> good. >> six seven eight. >> hoy do you like it? >> 8 9 higher, 5 6 7 8. >> one last exercise everyone's favorite little red ball. >> yeah, baby. >> a final stretch and it's over. >> well i certainly enjoyed the music. great job ladies great job. >> oh, my. >> oh, my. >> i'm feeling the burn. >> fellas, i'm telling you if you have not tried it you need to try it. >> oh my goodness. >> there was one we did a saddle bag move to the side i could not lift my leg. >> i could not either if it feels better. >> i hurt for three days. >> that was advanced class i need beginner. >> that's how you start off. >> go big or go home.
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>> a thank you to zane and all the other women in the class. you can hear them they were being caking up and snapping pictures. >> i was in lane. >> i have good idea we're doing sprint and line drills. we'll have fun. get your butt down, get it done. let's go. >> game on. >> let's go. >> all right. that's coming up tomorrow. right now 6:49 what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell has your preview. >> hi, guys, i saw your pictures on instagram and twitter app you like fit and fantastic. >> you're welcome to join us next time come on down. >> i owe would love it actually. good luck on the basketball court. >> i need it. presidential. >> get them a run for their money ukee. >> all right. >> we have a lot of news here on cbs this morning. whyatt andrews has a closer look
6:50 am
at va secretary's apology after lying about his military service with cbs news cameras rolling and plus commercial flights that look like private planes. >> she pushed limits to bring stunning images of humanity. a war photographerer and her marriage and three sglirn fire sweeping through a building in kensington wiingt philadelphia neighborhood. >> it's having an impact on the market frankford line. justin will have an update for us. >> we're here liver. what you can tell us about fire
6:51 am
so far. >> this time we're two alarms. 5:11. heavy snow. 15 minutes from there. the fire is not under control. warning public right now we have one market frankford station not in service york dauphin. they're rerouting trains. market frankford line is running you have to board at another station beyond york dauphin station. there's two alarms and extremely cold temperatures and we're reminding firefighters to make sure they're moving slowly because to make sure we limit ep jips. >> we've seen big flare-ups from the vantage point. what's causing those. >> sometimes we have to wait for a portion to open up and then we can get water in.
6:52 am
there it's a long, teedzious process but it's calculated process. so we're pouring water on there and as you'll see the smoke will change colors that's an indication we're hitting fire. >> so we're putting water in the air. >> are there issues with high drapts. >> yes, we have reported some high drapts were not working when we tried to use them. water department is here and monitoring the situation. someone was out of service completely maybe from the cold. but we have adequate water supply. water supply is not an issue. we stretch hose line. main concern now is asking the fire continued and that's
6:53 am
more important than
6:54 am
6:55 am
important than >> one last look at traffic and warm, katie. >> nice and clear outside. beautiful clear sky and sunrise underway. looks are dereceiving. again on a day like this we take
6:56 am
you out you to the current air temperatures. 13 below zero mount pocono. one degree shy of record there. 4 in atlantic city. we is a new record in allentown 7 below zero currently and next couple of days, we will not each have a chance to hit a seasonable high. but at least it's a quiet patter overall. >> thanks, jeff, indicatesy, good morning everyone, serious two alarm fire in west kensington closing front at dauphin and york. take second and third to get on by. there fire police activity is on the scene. police officers on the scene as well trying to get that fire situation under control and it's additionally affecting market frankford line. they're shutsling passenger from huntington to berks. ukee over to you. >> coming up cw philly we'll follow breaking news. >> firefighters batsling a huge fire in west kensington disrupting l service now we're live on the scene and will bring you late breaking developments. >> you can find that on comcast
6:57 am
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good morning, it is tuesday february 24, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an embarrassing admission from the head of the d.a. cbs news captured the moment. an ice storm has much of the south slipping and sliding. and cbs news investigates why hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent to fly nearly empty planes all over the country. we begin with today's eye opener. >> the wind chill you have to cover up to your eyes. >> i


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